Milwaukee Newborn

Welcome Yuva: A Milwaukee Home Newborn Session

There is something so heart warming about watching new parents care for their newborn.  The way they work together, explore this little person together, and even look at each other with complete confusion.  Each tiny detail is new.  Each day is filled with so many decisions that suddenly have the weight of a hundred lifetimes.  The amount of love in your hearts for your first baby just simply cannot be explained.  There is such beauty in this wilderness.  
Even more, I love watching these new parents develop in just a few short days & weeks.  I love returning to their homes and watching them hold their new baby with a confidence they didn't have not long ago.  Suddenly they understand the whimpers.  They've come to know contentment.  And they've come to appreciate those small, sweet snuggles.  There is a pride that wells up in my heart when I see parents navigating this amazing ride.  And watching the adoration they have for this tiny person that just turned life completely inside out in a way they could never have dreamed.  
This job is an incredible blessing, and I could not be more delighted to have the opportunity to navigate these seasons with you.  Welcome to the world sweet Yuva!  You are one seriously lucky little dude!

Odette: A Welcome Baby Family Session - Milwaukee Birth & Newborn Photographer

I cannot say enough amazing things about this family.  They are kind, and generous and lovely.  It was such a pleasure to welcome sweet lady Odette (who has the MOST amazing story for her name).  Big brother Zion smothers her with affection and it will send your ovaries into overdrive for sure!  I cant wait to see how sweet that sibling bond continues to grow..

Gus: A Welcome Baby Family Session - Milwaukee Birth & Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world August!  I was lucky enough to work with this amazing family over the summer for a fun little Maternity/Baby Announcement session at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee.  Big bother Callum is a budding photographer himself and offered his assistance to take the pressure off of me ;)  On the day of this session however, a whopping foot of snow fell in a beautiful and blustery storm - perfect for a cozy morning.  
I just love home based family newborn sessions because they offer up all of the comforts of home.  And perhaps one day this home may belong to another family, and these memories will be even more sweet, reminiscing of firsts.  If you want to see more of this family and their honest adventures in Milwaukee, follow Megan over at the MKE Moms Blog along with so many other amazing women in this fantastic city!