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Family History | A Personal Post

Earlier this year, I took a class that completely changed how I view photography.  I've always viewed it as a way to preserve a moment, but this class changed even that perception forever.  There was a time when porch swings and seasons of harvest communicated wisdom, humor, and history.  This is how stories were told, between one another.  But here we are, in the age of digital, in the age of digital communication, an age without porch swings and seasons of harvest.  The slow life escapes us.  And here we are.
This class changed me.  It changed the way I view the days that I live.  These days aren't just days to pass thru an hourglass.  These are the days of my children, of my Motherhood, or my marriage.  These are my stories, worthy of porch swings and Sunday brunch.  These are days that I want my sweet babies to know. 
These stories shouldn't be archived in the cloud.  These stories should be front and center, reminisced together when fingers find the pages year after year.  So I've set out to preserve our family history, not in a card catalogue, and not in a cloud.  In tangibles.  
I've been documenting our days for most of the year, some days fly by without the snap of the shutter and that is okay.  But I've been on a quest to preserve the monotony, the quirks and the slivers of personality that make our family so so precious.  I'll be adding these photos to a book at the end of the year, along with narratives to accompany them.  And I cannot wait for the finished product.  
I wanted to share a bit of this journey with you because I think its important.  I think its important for little fingers to discover these stories not on a screen, deep in the cloud (or whatever medium exists in a few decades from now....remember the rotary phone?  Technology changes...).  Its important to tell these stories beside our babies, in our laps and on our porches.  Its important to remember this life.  So here we go. The best time to start is now..

Project 365: February Twenty Seventeen

Welcome to my daily February! What a crazy month is was.  It got HOT! Like historically hot.  We also made a trip to the ER with our little wild man, thus the popsicle.  And true to form, I'm too busy to remember my lunch in the microwave.  But his month was fun.  I feel like I've captured a lot of personality in my little ones.  And I see them growing.  Even in a month, they're growing and changing.  Those wild baby days that fly by so fast are becoming a very distant memory and I'm not sure how to feel about that.  I'm happy and sad at the same time.  This project is turning into something greater.  I'll chat about that more next month, so stay tuned ;)

Project 365: January Twenty Seventeen

Welcome to a new year.  I still cannot believe that we are living in twenty seventeen.  In my head, I'm still in the 90's wondering what the new millennium would be like.  Im not sure why the jump in numbers made me feel like we'd all be donning space suits or something.  But really, its hard to think so much time has gone by since those first digits flipped.  
But one of the most rewarding projects I've done is a 365, photo a day project and I've decided to do another.  This is a really amazing way to remember life.  Honest life.  I'll be finishing up an amazing class called the Family Historian that is rocking my little world right now.  I'll be dedicating a special blog post just for that recap, so stay tuned.  Its really one to read - and it could rock your world too.  Family legacy.  What are we leaving our children?  Just a teaser ;) But for now, enjoy this first part of my daily project!  And its never too late to start your own.  Any day of the year is as good as any to remember your life..