Milwaukee Birth

Milwaukee Birth Photographer: The Home Birth Story of Walter

Right in the middle of the summer swoon, when the days were long and felt of pure perfection, Walter was ready to meet us.  He had faked us all out a few times, and made his way closer and closer to us, only to stop and rest.  Sometimes birth stories work this way.  Labor isn't always straight forward, but it always ends with a birth.  Patience and endurance are tested, but that only increases the joy of that long awaited meeting. 
It was the most beautiful summer day, and just before dinner I arrived to a consistent and steady contraction pattern.  Mama was working hard, and concentrating, bringing him down with every single breath.  She took a moment to rest in her bed, readying herself for the hardest work ahead.  Myself and the amazingly gentle midwives sat outside and watched the sun descend for the day, chatting about our gardens and goats.  
At dusk, there was a brisk walk around the block with strong contractions on every street.  Curious if Walter (at this time, his gender was still a surprise!) was perhaps positioned unfavorably, stair lunges followed by more side-lying rest were in order.  That did the trick, and in the full force of the moon, in the softest glow of a salt lamp, he was ready.  Mama worked so so hard, enjoying her rest in the warm waters of the tub.  And with a few short pushes, she brought him right to her chest.  Dad cradled Mama, Mama cradled her new baby, and they were in heaven.  This, is the most beautiful life gets. 
The sun started its welcome once again, and the big brothers were fetched from bed with their sleepy eyes bright with excitement.  They grabbed their waterproof cameras and ran to see their new baby, waiting to know if it was a Georgia, or a Walter.  The eldest, knowing full well what having a little brother was all about, was a bit down at the announcement, hoping they would name him Georgia anyhow.  But he was gently swayed by his tiny toes!
Watching this family bring their baby home, in the comfort of their home, was such a heart warming experience.  Watching this family birth comfortably, without worry or fear, supported so unconditionally by midwives is a birth experience everyone deserves (home or not!).  
I cannot wait to see this family in a few days to capture their new family again!  Narrowing down my favorites from this story to share was HARD!  But here are some; enjoy!

Baby Easton: A Milwaukee Birth Story

This is the birth story of sweet little Easton.  Little one, your Mama is so very strong, and so very brave.  I love this story because it is unique, and special, and rich with emotion.  This amazing Mama fought so hard.  She checked into Labor & Delivery at 8 centimeters without batting an eyelash.  She breathed gentle breaths as each contraction rolled.  When the intensity picked up, she walked, and swayed on a birthing ball, waded in the warm water - anything to bring baby down.  But he had other plans.  

Sweet baby Easton was interested in meeting us all in another way.  After the storms rolled in, his Mama endured a full night of all the tricks and techniques to turn his little head around.  But come morning, it was time to meet him.  And so we did!  His first cry was such a beautiful moment for us all!  Welcome to the world sweet boy!


Oliver: A Milwaukee Cesarean Birth Story

I am crazy passionate about this birth story.  And I'm so very thankful for the amazing staff at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for allowing me to capture this story!  And for these sweet parents who allow me to use their personal story to be an encouragement to other families!

This story is important because there is this perception that cesarean birth is not "real" birth...whatever that even means.  Cesarean births are most certainly real birth, and anyone that has witnessed or experienced one, can attest to that.  One thing that makes me so passionate about photographing these moments is that they will always be unique.  There is no cookie cutter anything, especially with birth! 

Welcoming a baby into this world is brilliant.  Its magic, and its so crazy beautiful no matter how it happens.  There is anticipation, hard work, joyful emotion and intense gratitude all in a matter of minutes.  Its amazing, and I am so crazy grateful for any moment I get to spend with my families.  

So lets just stop.  Lets stop with the crazy talk.  Lets stop with the negativity, the pressure, the judgements.  Lets just stop and take a breath and realize that this life is beautiful because it is always so different.  Mamas and Papas meet their miracles every single day, in so many ways, and it is ALWAYS amazing.  Cesarean birth, water birth, natural birth, medicated birth, squatting birth, shower birth - they are all birth with a purpose, and they all bring miracles earth side.  

So here is the story of sweet Oliver and his amazing family.  Lets welcome him to the world, and praise his Mama for being strong, and amazing, and so beautiful.  

Nina: Authentic Birth Center: Milwaukee Birth & Newborn Photographer

This is the birth story of sweet Nina Rae.  

I really loved being with this family.  From the moment we spoke on the phone, there was amazing teamwork, and joy and just so much happiness.  And when the day had arrived, I packed my birth bag and headed to Authentic Birth Center to welcome this sweet baby girl with her family.  It was the middle of the night, but it was so warm.  We had an early spring warm up and the days were delightful and even the night was lovely for February.  And there was a baby boom - these little ones must've known how special these warm days were for us!

Things were slow and steady, with rest and relaxation until the early morning hours when things started to pick up.  The sun started to peek thru the window, a welcome sight to us all and a beautiful sign of things to come. 

The birthing tub was filled, and in the warm relaxing waters of the Serenity Suite, sweet Nina was welcomed after a few strong pushes.  There was never fear or doubt, only excitement and joyful anticipation.  She was strong and her cry was loud and proud!  Her papa said sweet lullabies in her ears to quiet her, and they all tucked in for a day of rest.  

I returned the next morning for her big sister to come, and I just cannot express how much I adore sibling meetings.  The affection and curiosity make my heart just burst.  And because I cant pick just a few favorites to share, I'll add a second post with those :)  

Welcome to the world sweet Nina, you are deeply adored!

Declan: Aurora Sinai Women's Pavillion: Milwaukee Birth & Newborn Photographer

This is the birth story of sweet Declan.  

His Mama and Dad had waited for him for some time.  And this was the day.  His welcome started slow and steady but he needed a gentle little push to kick things into gear.  It was an unseasonably warm day, an amazing day with a warm sun - the perfect day for a birth day.  

This Mama was strong, and determined and had an amazing support team with her husband and Mom by her side.  Taking turns, they supported her in every way they could.  With sweet touch and encouragement, she labored one wave at a time.  A heating pad on her lower back said "Surfs Up", an appropriate phrase for the waves of labor.  

When things picked up, we headed for the tub!  Water has such an incredible way of calming and easing the weight of transition.  Between the peaks of transition, some cherry ice hit the spot.  And to the surprise of all the staff, Declan was suddenly on his way in a hurry.  We made the quick sprint out of the tub room and into her birthing suite for his arrival.  

With power and determination, Declan was welcomed into this world without intervention.  His cry brought incredible joy and awe.  A Mama was born.  A Father fell in love. 

I love witnessing a first time Mama realize she brought her baby earth side.  All the preparation and anticipation has brought her to her baby.  The sweet cheeks, the fingers and toes.  Here.  

Welcome to the world sweet boy, you are so deeply loved!

Freya: Authentic Birth Center: Milwaukee Birth & Newborn Photographer

Happy Love Day!  Is there anything better than meeting a love of your life? This birth story was one of those.  Sweet baby Freya was born in abundant love.  Her Mama prepared so much to bring her into this world in the most beautiful and graceful way, with Dad to support her 100%.  The quiet strength of a birthing Mama is so incredibly inspiring.  They say the body works as hard as someone running a marathon to bring a little one earth side.  But this Mama had quiet strength, and strong focus, breathing her closer and closer until she arrived.  It was simply beautiful.  Its no wonder Freya was so content when she arrived!  She is a pure delight.  Welcome little lady, you are so dearly loved! Your birth story is beautiful...

Judah: Aurora Sinai Women's Pavillion: Milwaukee Birth & Newborn Photographer

Lets just say that this sweet boy was in a hurry.  Welcome to the world Judah...or should I say, rocket man?  Let me just tell you Judah, your sister will teach you everything you want to know about life.  She is amazing.  Stick to her like glue little one, and you'll be fine :)  

Oliver: Aurora Women's Pavillion: Milwaukee Birth & Newborn Photographer

This is the birth story of Oliver.  I was delighted to photograph this birth, one of two in the same day!  Mama bear labored so beautifully with the help of Dad, holding her up with each contraction.  Its so inspiring to watch couples work together to bring these little babes into the world.  Welcome to the world sweet Oliver!  

Roman: Authentic Wellness Collective: Milwaukee Birth & Newborn Photographer

This is the birth story of Roman.  Mama bear labored with strong persistence along side the staff at Authentic Wellness Birth Center but this little man was hesitant to come earth-side.  With a little extra love, (and humor as the birth tub jets had a way of accidentally turning on) he made his way into the waters and onto his mama's chest.  This was the second birth story of the day, and a beautiful way to end the day!  Returning the following morning for birth day cupcakes and big brother & sister introductions was one of my favorite parts.  Siblings have the most honest reactions to new family members.  I'm so happy I got to witness sweet Roman making this family complete!