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Motherhood is the greatest love story. 


2019 all inclusive packages


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1.5 hours + High Resolution Digitals + Album    $625



Scheduled Labor & Delivery + 2 hours Post Partum + High Resolution Digitals + album    $825

*Due to current School and Family schedules, Scheduled inductions or permitted Cesareans only at this time
*Doula & lactation services available


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Curious about birth photography?

Can my family photographer photograph my birth?  Sure!  But not all athletes are good swimmers.  A birth photographer should be a part of your birth team.  This is a sacred and intimate space and should be respected as such!  I am a trained doula and work closely with birth professionals to maintain your birth space so you do not feel stressed by my presence.  In my 20+ births, there have been times when putting the camera down is most appropriate to help bring baby home.  Birth is special.  Its not for everyone, but it is for me.  And it happens to be my favorite. 

What if my husband/family is uncomfortable with photography?  I have a very non-invasive approach, and only use flash if requested.  I am not a photographer that will be up in your face, or your lady regions.  And frankly, if at any point you're feeling overwhelmed, you may ask me to step aside or leave the room and I'll gladly give you a moment to breathe.  

Do you offer payment plans?  Absolutely.  I understand that professional photography is a luxury to an extent.  The good news is that sweet little babe takes a few months to prepare for our real big world.  If you'd like to make payments along the way, I'll gladly set it up for you at no extra cost.  There is also an option to add a photography listing to your baby registry!   

When should I book?  Honestly, the earlier the better!  My availability is very limited  while my own kids are small.  So grab that spot!

How far do you travel?  I travel within 45 minutes of Milwaukee.  Babies can come very quickly and I'd hate to be stuck in the car when your little one arrives.  If you life outside this radius, we can chat but there may be some modification in response time. 

How graphic will the photos be?  I have a background in medicine, and I am comfortable seeing anything.  Really.  I will photograph whatever you desire, and will most certainly respect your desire for modesty in any area.  One of the benefits of professional photography is compositional skill and I often use creative angles and compositions to keep things more flattering.  You have every right to ask that your images remain most private and only for your viewing.  But part of this business is to encourage other women, and seeing your story can make a big impact on someone else.  For this reason, I am grateful for anything you allow me to share.  


Kind Words
& Birth Story Reflections


Mama S

"Sara from the nesting tree is a truly talented family photographer. We never had a birth experience photographer for our first two children and tried it for number 3! If we had known about Sara earlier, we would have had her take photos of our first two birth experiences also! She is kind hearted and works with the family to understand what is most important. She was able to get my 6 yo, 3 yo, and 3.5 week old look at and smile for the camera. I could not believe how amazing the pictures turned out! The experience also was unbelievable! She is patient and willing to put in the time and effort needed to get representative and beautiful pictures! I would highly recommend the nesting tree for your birth experience/newborn photos! "

Mama R

"I absolutely LOVE my birth photos.  The day my son was born was truly an amazing day, one that I will never forget.  I'm so thankful that I have the pictures to look back on, to remind me how special the day was.  I love the that the pictures capture all the special moments between my husband and I as we worked together to bring this baby into the world.  They still bring tears (of joy) to my eyes.  I'm also thankful for the support Sara provided during the labor process.  The words of encouragement were so helpful"

Mama P

"Having a birth photographer was one of the best decisions I made for the delivery of my third baby.  I wish we had done it for the first two babies!  Sara beautifully captured the incredible moment when we met our son for the first time. During the labor, I was so focused on working through the pain that I was unable to appreciate the process of labor & delivery.  But once I saw the pictures, I was amazed that there was so much beauty to be captured during such an intense time. She photographed not only me, but my support team in the room.  It was amazing to see their expressions and their journey as well.  Each picture was beautiful & tasteful, and I cherish the photos."


Milwaukee hospital birth, newborn baby with mom and dad


Mama A

"It took a little convincing for my husband to be on board with a photographer in the room for the delivery of our baby, but I wanted to remember everything about this experience.  It was a long road to get here, and we had waited for our baby a long time.  I don't actually remember a lot about my delivery, but I do remember meeting our son for the first time and falling madly in love.  When I looked back at the photos, I fell in love with my husband all over again too!  Seeing him meet our son for the first time is without a doubt, the best part. Sara was so supportive and professional and we hope to have her there for our next baby!"